Employees will be reimbursed for travel expenses that are directly related to work duties.

A Travel Authorization Form is to be completed and approved by your Vice President for any travel related to a day or multi-day Conference or Workshops, and a copy to be submitted with each purchase request or voucher.

It is important that each employee provides the NY State Vendor with a Sales Tax Exempt Form (below)


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for a Conference?

Conference registrations are made by the Purchasing Department using the college credit card. A purchase requisition needs to be submitted complete with approved Travel Authorization Form, and must include any other supporting documentation related to the conference.

Since some conference registrations have unique questions it is recommended to schedule an appointment with a member of the Purchasing Department to complete the online registration.

How do I reserve a hotel room?

Hotel reservations are made by the Purchasing Department using the college credit card. A purchase requisition needs to be submitted complete with approved Travel Authorization Form, and must include the hotel name, hotel address, dates of check in & out, and any other supporting documentation related to the purpose of stay.

Purchasing will make the reservation and forward any e-mail confirmation to the requisitioner; at times, an appointment may need to be made with Purchasing. Plan as far in advance as possible

How do I reserve a car rental?

The college has an account with Enterprise. Please call 1-845-374-5010 for New Hampton, or 1-845-562-3311 for Newburgh Enterprise locations, and give them the college's Contract ID # XZ24Q76 to make a reservation. Do not use your personal credit card.

Only reserve a "Standard" vehicle with Enterprise. If a "Standard" vehicle is NOT available then Enterprise WILL PROVIDE another vehicle for rent at the "Standard" rate.

After making the reservation, provide Purchasing with the completed purchase requisition and the approved Travel Authorization Form, which must include the Enterprise location.

Purchasing will then submit a Purchase Order to Enterprise to confirm the rental and provide them with a Billing Number.

Remember to fill up the gas tank prior to returning the vehicle. If this does not occur, Enterprise charges the college a higher rate to refuel the vehicle. Keep the receipt for reimbursement.

How will I be reimbursed for my mileage traveled using my personal vehicle?

The college will only reimburse for the most cost effective mode of travel, and a Travel Reimbursement Form needs to be completed to determine the most cost effective mode of travel, with Google Maps provided as supporting documentation.

Do I need to fill out a Travel Reimbursement Form for Departmental Clinical Travels or Travels between campuses?

No, a Travel Reimbursement Form is not necessary to be completed for Departmental Clinical Travels nor travel between campuses because there is a Standard Mileage for these types of travel. Below are the Standard Mileages used.


The mileage distance between the Middletown and Newburgh Campus is 28 miles for a one way trip and 56 miles for a round trip.


What mileage rate should I use?

Mileage is reimbursed at a rate that is determined by the IRS. The current rate, as of January 1, 2018 is $0.545 cents per mile. This rate is normally adjusted each January and will be posted on the web site as well as in a Grapevine Announcement.



The Seminar/Conference Authorization Form should be used to authorize an employee to attend a day or multi-day Conference or Workshop.

The Travel Reimbursement Form should be used to determine the most economical way of business travel.

Purchase Requisitions need to be completed with a departmental approval signature in order to purchase any goods and services. These should then be forwarded to our Purchasing Department, located in OH 220. Once a Purchase Requisition has been received, it must be approved by the Comptroller before a Purchase Order is issued. The order should not be considered placed until either verbal or written confirmation (green copy of the Purchase Order) has been received from the Business Office.

Voucher Request Forms should be submitted to the Business Office for reimbursements and invoice payments related to memberships, subscriptions and like expenses. All other expenses should submit an approved and completed Purchase Requisition prior to placing order with vendor.

Sales Tax Exempt Forms should be used for all taxable purchases. The College is exempt from paying sales tax. There will be no reimbursement for any sales tax that has been paid.


































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