Purchasing Department

Our Purchasing Department is to abide to NYS General Municipal Law and to facilitate and process the procurement of goods and services for the college. In order to process Purchase Requisitions in a timely manner, please fill out all paperwork as completely as possible. We look forward to assisting you!

Any questions regarding this process can be directed to:

Renee Arnold - Phone: 845-341-4780, e-mail:

Maria Sarett - Phone: 845-341-4852, e-mail:

Frequently Asked Questions

When Should I use a Purchase Requisition?

When goods or services are needed.

How do I complete a Purchase Requisition?

Please review the Purchasing Cycle Document.

How do I know if I need to provide a quote for a Purchase Requisition?

Normally any purchase over $5,000 needs three quotes, unless it is related to a Membership, and Subscription Fee. Any questions please contact the Purchasing Department.

What quotes are acceptable for a Purchase Requisition?

Quotes e-mailed or mailed by the vendor are acceptable as well as phone quotes. A Quote Form must be completed for any quotes.

I have a quote for the same exact item, but it is 12 months old. Can I still use it for a current purchase?

Please contact the vendor and ask the vendor to respond in writing that the price on the quote will remain valid for the next order.

Always keep a record of quotes and reuse them for the same exact purchase that occurs within a year's time.

How far in advance do I submit a Purchase Requisition to the Purchasing Department?

It is recommended that a completed Purchase Requisition be submitted to the Purchasing Department 3 weeks in advance at minimum.

This will allow time to rectify any unforeseen issues.

For Purchase Requisitions that require a Bid, contact Purchasing 3 months in advance.

What does it mean to go out to Bid?

When you estimate to spend $20,000 (no matter what fund source) on more than one item or a group of items in one academic year (fiscal year), Purchasing needs to issue a Bid to abide by General Municipal Law.

What is considered an Emergency Purchase?

An Emergency Purchase is usually an Act of God (a natural disaster outside human control) or force majeure (an unavoidable accident) and needs to be deemed an Emergency by the Vice President of Finance and Administration.

How do I obtain items for my office?

First go to the College's Stockroom List located on the portal.

If the Stockroom does not have the items that you need, go to Staples Business Advantage site.

How do I place an order using Staples Business Advantage site?

First, you need to have access to use the Staples Business Advantage site, if you do not have this please contact

Once you have established access go to, and login using the e-mailed Account Number, User ID, and Password, which Purchasing will give you.

After placing the order, complete a Purchase Requisition authorizing this purchase, and use the Staples Business Advantage order as supporting documentation.

What if Staples Business Advantage site does not have what I need?

Contact Purchasing and they will be able to assist you.

How do I place a Food Service Order?

One week prior to the event, provide the Purchasing Department with the completed and approved Purchase Requisition.

Recommended Food Vendors are:

How do I purchase Beverages for an approved event?

All beverage purchases are to be Pepsi products only.

If the food vendor that you are using does not provide Pepsi products, contact Kathy Goulden at 845-562-5400 ext. 410 or at to place a beverage order.

How do I reserve a Hotel Room?

Hotel reservations are made by the Purchasing Department using the college credit card. A Purchase Requisition needs to be submitted complete with approved Travel Authorization Form, and must include the hotel name, address, dates for check in and check out, and any other supporting documentation related to the purpose of stay.

Purchasing will make the reservation and forward any e-mail confirmation to the requisitioner.

The College is establishing an account with Sleep Inn & Suites, 3491 Route 6, Middletown, NY for college guests.

How do I reserve a car rental?

The College has an account with Enterprise. Please call 845-374-5010 for New Hampton, or 845-562-3311 for Newburgh Enterprise locations, and give them the College's Contract ID # XZ24Q76 to make a reservation.

Do not use your personal credit card.


Only reserve a "Standard" vehicle with Enterprise. If a "Standard" vehicle is NOT available then Enterprise WILL PROVIDE another vehicle for rent at the "Standard" rate.

After making the reservation, provide Purchasing with the completed Purchase Requisition and the approved Travel Authorization Form, which must include the Enterprise location and user's name.

Purchasing will then submit a Purchase Order to Enterprise to confirm the rental and provide them with a Billing Number.

Remember to fill up the gas tank prior to returning the vehicle. If this does not occur, Enterprise charges the college a higher rate to refuel the vehicle. Keep the receipt for reimbursement.

How do I register for a Conference?

Conference Registrations are made by the Purchasing Department using the College Credit Card. A Purchase Requisition needs to be submitted complete with an approved Travel Authorization Form, and must include any other supporting documentation related to the Conference. Since some Conference Registrations have unique questions it is recommended to schedule an appointment with a member of the Purchasing Department to complete the online registration.

Do I need to provide original receipts/invoices when requesting payment to a Vendor?

Yes, original receipts/invoices are required. Copies are not accepted.



Purchase Requisitions

Purchase Requisitions need to be completed with a Departmental Approval Signature in order to be processed. These should then be forwarded to out Purchasing Department, located in OH 220. Once a Purchase Requisition has been received, it must be approved by the Comptroller before a Purchase Order is issued. The order should not be considered placed until either verbal or written confirmation (green copy of the Purchase Order) is received from our office.

Quotations and Legal Bid Requirements

The guidelines and requirements for all price quotations and legal bids are stated on the form below.

Telephone/Verbal Quotations

Telephone/Verbal Quotations are to be submitted with a Purchase Requisition with a balance of $5,000 or greater.

Budget Transfer Form

This form must be completed and have Departmental Approval in the event that a Budget Transfer is needed. It should be submitted with the Purchase Requisition.

Tax Exempt Certificate

A New York State Tax Exempt Certificate is available below:

W-9 Form

This form must be completed to make payment to any new Vendor.





* If you need a more accessible version of any of the documents linked to above, please contact Laurie Burns at 845-341-4900.