Certificate in Business Studies

This jointly-registered certificate program is designed to prepare "Non-Business" baccalaureate holders to enter Master of Science in Business programs at SUNY New Paltz. (Gainful Employment Disclosure)

The Business Studies program requires completion of 34 credits of typical lower-division undergraduate business courses. Required course work consists of introductory studies in economics, business, mathematics, and computer science. A number of the courses or course equivalents may be completed at SUNY Orange.

It is anticipated that upon receiving their Certificates, most students will matriculate in a New Paltz program; others may present the Certificate as an appropriate credential for admission to a graduate business program at other colleges.   Students may begin or complete their certificate of studies at Orange County Community College or at New Paltz, but must complete at least half their credits at Orange County Community College if they wish SUNY Orange to award the Certificate.   (Note: three of the courses in the program must be completed at New Paltz.)

SUNY Orange Equivalent Courses to those at SUNY New Paltz

SUNY Orange Course SUNY New Paltz Course Credits
ECO 201 Macroeconomics or ECO 202 Microeconomics 33207 Macroeconomics or 33206 Microeconomics 3
ACC 153 Financial Accounting 20201 Financial Accounting 4
ACC 154 Managerial Accounting 20202 Managerial Accounting 4
MKT 101 Principles of Marketing 20325 Marketing 3
MGT 201 Principles of Management 20252 Principles of Management 3
CSC 101 Computer Science I or CIT 107 C Programming Computer Program Elective 3
MAT 205 Calculus I 64245 Basic Calculus 4
None – Take at New Paltz 20341 Fundamentals Of Corporate Finance 3
None – Take at New Paltz 20309 Statistics for Business & Economics I 3
None – Take at New Paltz 20311 Statistics for Business & Economics II 4
  Total Credits 34