Suzanne Krissler

Professor Suzanne Krissler

Harriman Hall 202
(845) 341-4456

Ed. S. degree SUNY Albany
M.S. degree SUNY Albany

9 post graduate credits in Business – Suffolk University, Illinois State University, University of Central Florida

Permanent Teaching Certification - all business subjects

B.S. degree SUNY Albany
A.A.S. degree Broome Community College

Began career at SUNY Orange in 1981 teaching in the Office Technologies Department, Business Division.

  • Teach all computer classes, skill classes, Business Communications, Business Math, Office Internship
  • Advise all business majors
  • Teach online and with web enhancments
  • Published the Employment Techniques Handbook
  • Empire State College Evaluator
  • Previously director of a private business