Payment Options

Online Payment Links

The Tuition Select Payment Plan

  • Make a payment on your existing plan - (School Code = 'XV')
  • Set up a new payment plan
  • Instead of paying your tuition in full, the Tuition Select payment plan allows you to make installment payments. Tuition Select has an enrollment fee of $40 per semester. Tuition Select Payment plan options for Fall 2015:
    • 5 payment plan available thru June 15th
    • 4 payment plan available thru July 15th
    • 3 payment plan available thru August 15th
  • Students using this option must also pay the $50.00 tuition deposit to SUNY Orange.
  • Tuition Select Payment Plan cannot be set-up at the school.
  • Tuition Select Payment Plan is not available for summer semesters.
  • For information on the Tuition Select plan, please contact ECSI Tuition Select at 1-866-927-1438.

Make an On-Line Payment to SUNY Orange

  • Conveniently pay your $50.00 Tuition Deposit on-line with this method.
  • For your convenience, make payment in full by credit card.
  • This is not for use with the Tuition Select payments.

The Bursar Office does not accept any payments, including credit cards, by telephone.

Tuition Deposit

A $50.00 non-refundable tuition deposit is required from all students, including financial aid applicants/recipients each semester. Your $50.00 tuition deposit payment is a valid commitment of your intent to attend SUNY Orange. All students are encouraged to pay the required deposit at the time of registration. Students who fail to pay their tuition deposit are subject to course deletion. All tuition deposits are non-refundable. *New course schedules due to deletion are subject to seat availability.

To see the schedule of when your tuition deposit is due, view the Tuition Deposit Schedule Dates


The balance of tuition and fees is due:

Summer 2015: May 18, 2015 or on the date of registration for those registering on or after May 18, 2015.

Fall 2015: August 10, 2015 or on the date of registration for those registering on or after August 10, 2015.

If after paying the non-refundable tuition deposit, you determine you cannot pay the remaining balance due, you must officially withdraw prior to the start date of the semester to avoid tuition liability.

Payment Options

  • cash
  • check
  • credit card (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover card)
  • money order
  • finalized financial aid
  • third-party contracts
  • Tuition Select Payment Plan

Financial Aid Students are required to pay the $50.00 tuition deposit. All financial aid awards may change based upon eligibility, attendance, and certification. Should your award be reduced, you may owe the college a balance.

Third party contract sponsored students are required to pay the $50.00 tuition deposit. Approved Sponsor Payment/Billing Authorization, some restrictions apply and all authorizations must be submitted by the tuition due date.


Students with delinquent accounts are subject to a $50.00 late payment fee. Any account that remains unpaid will be assigned to a collection agency. The College will assign the outstanding balance, plus the collection agency fee. These fees may be between 27% and 30% of the unpaid balance and are the responsibility of the student, in addition to the principal amount owed to SUNY Orange.

Students who register for classes but fail to complete the payment process or attend classes, will incur a tuition liability if they do not withdraw (by completing and processing a drop form with the Registrar's Office) before the start date of the semester. Non-attendance does not constitute an OFFICIAL withdrawal. Non-payment does not limit student liability.

†Clicking on this link will take you out of the SUNY Orange web site and into a new browser window for on-line payments. The college cannot be responsible for the content of this external web site, even though the site has been reviewed and is recommended by the Bursar's Office.