Roster - Volleyball

Name Number High School Position Height Weight Photo
Brittany Albert 1 Wallkill RS/DS 5'6" Photo of Brittany Albert » Larger size
Ashlee Callahan 3 Harmony Christian OH 5'4" Photo of Ashlee Callahan » Larger size
Angelia Cirigliano 14 Wallkill OH 5'6" Photo of Angelia Cirigliano » Larger size
Latea Floor 10 Kapolei/ Pine Bush MH/RS 5'7" Photo of Latea Floor » Larger size
Sierra Hernandez 4 Wallkill RS/S 5'8" Photo of Sierra Hernandez » Larger size
Kayla Holterman 8 Seward OH/MH 5'10" Photo of Kayla Holterman » Larger size
Samantha Madden 5 Middletown S 5'4" Photo of Samantha Madden » Larger size
Alexis Pascal 7 Warwick OH Photo of Alexis Pascal » Larger size
Paige Van Pelt 11 Valley Central MH Photo of Paige Van Pelt » Larger size
Andrea Zummo 15 Burke MH/RS 5'10" Photo of Andrea Zummo » Larger size