General Education Assessment

SUNY General Education Requirement (SUNY-GER) Overview:

In 1998, the State University of New York Board of Trustees established a 30-credit SUNY General Education Requirement (SUNY-GER) that required recipients of baccalaureate degrees to have demonstrated knowledge and skills in ten areas (American History, Arts, Basic Communication, Foreign Language, Humanities, Math, Natural Sciences, Other World Civilizations, Social Sciences, and Western Civilization) and competency in two areas (Information Management and Critical Thinking). Faculty agreed on a set of University-wide student learning outcomes for each area that guides the development of SUNY-GER courses and enables those courses to transfer seamlessly within the University.  In 2010, the Board approved a revised SUNY-GER that offers students greater flexibility (30 credits in seven of ten areas plus the two competency areas) while continuing to promote academic excellence, student mobility and degree attainment – important goals in The Power of SUNY:  Strategic Plan 2010 and Beyond.  The Office of Academic Programs, Planning and Assessment provides guidance and coordination for campuses’ implementation of the SUNY-GER, reviews campus-approved proposals for SUNY-GER courses and campus requests for programmatic waivers, and maintains a database of SUNY-GER courses that supports seamless transfer.

Please click here to access the SUNY-GER "Policy & Procedures."

General Education Assessment at SUNY Orange: Schedule & Forms:

The chart below provides an overview of the General Education assessment process at the College.

Assessment Schedule
  • Each knowledge and skill area is assessed every three (3) years at the College, including Information Management and Critical Thinking. Please click here to access the schedule.
SUNY Summary Report Form
  • SUNY requires that each General Education knowledge and skill area being assessed complete, at a minimum, the Summary Report Form.
  • Click here to access the SUNY Summary Report Form.

STEPS in Completing the General Education Assessment:

1. REVIEW (previous) Assessment PLAN
  • Review the previous cycle’s General Education assessment plan
2. REVISE Asessment PLAN
  • Revise plan, as needed, to reflect current assessment initiative
3. CONDUCT Assessment
  • Fall semester is generally utilized for planning the assessment and the Spring semester used to implement assessment.
4. RESULTS & “Closing the Loop”
  • Review & share assessment results with identified stakeholders.
  • Identify areas needing follow-up and begin to plan relevant and appropriate improvement initiatives.
  • Collaborate with Institutional Planning, Assessment, & Research Office, Assessment Advisory Committee, and CTL to develop an improvement “plan” in order to ensure assessment results are communicated & utilized. 

Assessment Resources:

SUNY System provides a variety of resources for campuses; click here to be directed to their website.
Institutional Planning, Assessment & Research (IPAR) Office
The IPAR Office will be available to meet throughout the entire assessment process to assist with planning, implementing, & analysis: Christine Work;; x4763
Assessment WEBPAGE
General Education assessment material(s) will be available for download & use from SUNY Orange’s assessment webpage.
Assessment Advisory Committee
The Committee is also a great resource for support in planning and implementing the assessment.  Additionally, the Committee would like to support efforts across the institution at “closing the loop.”

*SCBA = Strengthened Campus Based Assessment