Overview: Assessment at SUNY Orange:

Orange County Community College has created a culture of assessment that promotes communication, collaboration, and a committment to improvement among faculty, staff, and administration. Assessment across the institution is data-driven, guides future planning and resource allocation decisions, promotes institutional renewal, and supports student learning.

The College has effectively supported and met the guidelines outlined in each of the State University of New York (SUNY) assessment related resolutions passed by the SUNY Board of Trustees, including the assessment of student learning outcomes within academic programs.

The College uses multiple, systematic, sustained, and comprehensive assessment processes to evaluate and improve student learning. The assessment of student learning outcomes and student engagement ensures that the College is achieving its mission and meetings its educational goals.

At SUNY Orange, we have procedures and practices in place to assess:

  • General Education Student Learning Outcomes
  • Academic Program Review
  • Student Engagement

Background: SUNY Assessment Initiative

The SUNY Board of Trustees adopted resolutions in 1998 and 2004 that strengthened the University’s longstanding commitment to rigorous and regular assessment of academic programs to enhance academic excellence.  In 2010, the Board updated its policies to reduce unnecessarily duplicative assessment requirements for campuses while maintaining high standards.  On behalf of the University Provost, the Office of Academic Programs, Planning, and Assessment implements the Board’s assessment policy through guidance, coordination, and partnerships with campus academic and assessment leaders and organizations such as the SUNY University Faculty Senate, the SUNY Faculty Council of Community Colleges, and the SUNY Council on Assessment, the Assessment Network of New York, and the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.