Online Registration

  1. Students who are currently taking or are eligible to take ENG 101 when registration begins, have a PIN and can register online.
  2. PINs are issued by your Academic Advisor during your advising meeting.
  3. Check Department Specific Advising Instructions on how to meet with your advisor
  4. Check off any current, completed and/or transfer courses on your Program Sheet located in the online College Catalog or available in the Academic Advising Office. You may also refer to our Advising Resources page for more information about your degree requirements.
  5. In Banner click on Registration (Site Map) to access the online class schedule.
  6. Look Up Classes you have left to take (check prerequisites by clicking on the CRN number highlighted in blue) and put together a preliminary schedule using a Before You Meet With an Advisor form.
  7. Meet with your Advisor to discuss course load and alternate courses and get a registration PIN.
    • New Pin numbers are generated every semester
    • Your Pin expires the Friday before classes begin at 4:30 PM
    • Pin numbers should be kept in a secure location until no longer active
    • Students may use any computer on campus or at home to register
    • Instructions to Register Online

DON'T GET On Line, GO Online!