All About your Advisor

Who to See:

  • You can find your assigned Advisor in your MySUNYOrange account
    • Click on the Student Academics tab
    • Click on "Find My Assigned Advisor"
    • Select the current term under the “Academic Profile” box
    • Your advisor’s name will be listed on the bottom under “Advisors”
  • See your assigned Advisor for ongoing guidance and registration Advising
  • See an Advisor in the Academic Advising Office for policy/ procedure/ process questions, Add/ Drop, and if your assigned Advisor is unavailable when you need immediate assistance

How to See Your Advisor:

  • You can view your Advisor’s office hours to see when they might be available to meet with you.
    • Click on the Student Academics tab
    • Click on "Find My Advisor’s Office Hours"
    • Select your Advisor’s name from the drop down menu and click Submit
  • You will then see your Advisor’s office hours. If there are no hours posted, you can contact your Advisor directly to see when he or she is available.  To do this,
    • Click on the “Home” tab
    • In the “Phone and Email Lookup (Faculty/Staff)” box on the top right of the page, enter in your Advisor’s first and last name and select Search

When to See Your Advisor:

  • Longer, "big-picture" planning discussions should be held toward the beginning of the semester (September-October; February-March) to avoid the registration rush when Advisors will be very busy
  • During busy periods surrounding registration, Advisors may be only available on a walk-in basis

Why to See Your Advisor:

  • To develop education/ career goals, plans and strategies
  • To discuss academic problems and progress
  • To select courses before registration opens or Add/ Drop courses after registering
  • To ask questions about programs, procedures and policies
  • To get referrals for appropriate services, resources, information, and opportunities