Special Instructions For Honors Program Applicants

Applicants who are first time college students or transfers should follow the regular college application process as described. Applicants wishing to be considered for admission to the Honors Program must indicate this intention in the appropriate place on the Admissions application.)

Applicants who are current SUNY Orange students, including students presently enrolled in our 24-Credit Hour Program will be required to file an Honors Program Intent Form with the Admissions Office.

All Admissions applications and Honors Program Intent Forms and any required documentation must be submitted to the SUNY Orange Admissions Office in Middletown on or before the following deadlines:

Application Deadlines: Fall semester - June 15; Spring semester - December 1; Summer sessions - May 1.

The Honors Program is open to both full and part-time matriculated students.

  1. All applicants must take the required College Placement Assessment in English and math to be eligible for consideration for admission to the Honors Program. Applicants must place into Freshman English I. Those who have taken and passed a college level English or math may obtain an Assessment Waiver. More information on assessments and waivers will be sent when we receive your application.
  2. First-time college students:
    a. Graduate of a college prep high school program with at least one of the following:

    1. High school average of 90% at the end of the junior year.
    2. Graduated in the top 10% of the class.
    3. Combined SAT score of 1200.
    4. ACT score of 27.

    b. Placement on the SUNY Orange Placement Assessment into Freshman English I.

    c. Two letters of recommendation from faculty, counselors, administrators or mentors.
  3. High School seniors who have accumulated college credits:
    a. High school seniors who have accumulated between 1 and 11.5 college credits must meet the requirements in items #1 and #2. If the student has taken Freshman English I, or it's equivalent at another college, they must have earned a grade of A. The cumulative average for completed college courses must be 3.5.

    b. High school seniors with 12 or more college credits must meet transfer student requirements as outlined in item #4.
  4. Transfer students:
    a. Twelve or more calculated credits with a CQPA of 3.5 from another college(s).

    b. Evaluation of a 2-5 page typed essay to be included with your application. Topics will be in the honors packet that will be sent to the applicant once the application for admissions is received.

    c. Two letters of recommendation from faculty.

    d. Honors courses taken at other colleges will be accepted toward the SUNY Orange Honors Program, where appropriate, following current transfer course guidelines.

Note: Students may meet an Honors English course requirement with a course previously taken at another college. They must have a grade of "A" in an appropriate transfer English course or have a grade of "4" in Advanced Placement English from high school. If using the AP English from high school, they must also submit the essay component of the AP English exam for evaluation.

Current SUNY Orange students:

  • Twelve or more calculated credits with a CQPA of 3.5.
  • Two letters of recommendation from faculty.
  • Evaluation of a 2-5 page typed essay to be included with the admissions application. Topics will be in the honors packet that will be sent to the applicant once the application for admissions is received.
  • Submit a completed Honors Intent Form and documentation to the Admissions Office.

Note: If students have already achieved an "A"in Orange's Freshman English I, the above-noted essay and Honors English I requirements will be satisfied. If they have already achieved a grade of "A" in both Freshman English I & II at Orange, the above-noted essay and the Honors English I & II requirements will be satisfied.

GED and 24-Credit Hour students:

  • GED holders - although they do not hold a college-prep high school diploma, may meet the requirements outlined under first-time college students (minus the college prep diploma). If they meet one of the four requirements under letter a, section 2, plus letters b and c, they may apply following those instructions and requirements. Also, they should see above for further instruction if they decide to apply as a first-time college student. If they do not meet the aforementioned requirements, they may apply under the guidelines for current SUNY Orange Students.
  • Twenty-Four Credit Hour students may follow the requirements and procedures for current Orange students.

Note: Courses taken through other colleges or universities will be treated as transfer credit. SUNY Orange courses taken through the Community College in the High School Program and/or the College Experience Program will be counted in the students' cumulative grade point average.