The College Experience Program

Application Requirements

  • Fill out and submit to the Admissions Office the College Experience Program application (PDF) College Experience Program application (TXT) indicating desired courses at Orange and have it signed by a parent or guardian AND school counselor. You must re-apply each semester.
  • Request from the school counselor an official high school transcript and a letter of recommendation indicating ability to do college level work (to be submitted with application). The letter must include the following for full-time students if the college courses will be applied towards high school graduation:
    a New York State high school diploma from ___________ High School will be issued to _______________ upon successful completion of the following specific courses. Orange County Community College courses required for high school graduation:
Course Number Course Title
_______________________ _______________________
_______________________ _______________________
  • A mandatory admissions interview with the student and a parent/guardian will be set up once the application has been reviewed.

Important Program Information

  • Students must follow the same application procedures for every semester they attend classes at Orange (parent interview excluded).
  • Applications and interviews for the College Experience Program will be handled in Middletown only.
  • Students in this program must be accepted and registered prior to the start of classes.
  • Students who take 6 credits or more must provide proof of immunity to Measles, Mumps and Rubella to the campus Health Services Office. If there are any questions, call 845-341-4870.
  • Students applying for the College Experience Program should not take the College Placement Assessment prior to the admissions interview. While most CEP students do not take the placement assessment, some students requesting to take English or math courses are urged to take an unofficial assessment.
  • Courses failed in high school and Orange County Community College developmental courses cannot be taken within the scope of this program.
  • Students attending Orange County Community College as part of the College Experience Program will attend as non-matriculated students, unable to receive financial aid, whether they carry a full- or part-time load of credits.
  • Students will be assigned an academic advisor in the Admissions Office. The advisor assists in course selection and registration and provides other advisement or help as needed.
  • Enrollment in specific courses will depend upon availability at time of registration.
  • Students are restricted to three credits for each summer session.
  • If you are physically and/or learning disabled, please contact the Student Support Services Office at (845) 341-4642 to receive appropriate accommodations.
  • Courses may not be audited as part of this program.