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Non-Traditional Students - It's all about YOU!

Are YOU Non-Traditional?

According to the Institute of Educational Sciences a Non-Traditional student is:

  • A student over 25 years old
  • A transfer student
  • A parent
  • A part-time student
  • A Veteran student
  • A student pursuing a career path that is non-traditional for their gender

Do you fit into any of those categories? If so, choosing SUNY Orange will help you to maintain, stay competitive, or advance in your career with methods of instruction that work for you.

Do YOU need Flexible Scheduling?

We understand your time constraints and know that what works for one, doesn’t work for all. We offer flexible scheduling and will do our very best to accommodate your needs. A large selection of courses is available in a variety of formats designed to fit your timetable and learning style.

  • Classroom - with campus locations in Middletown, Newburgh, and several satellite locations
  • Hybrid - a format that combines online instruction and classroom meetings
  • Online - conducted over the internet and typically without regular meetings
  • Weeknight, daytime, summer classes, and a few Saturday classes


Andrea AAWould Support Services make YOU feel more comfortable?

We offer a broad range of services to help you complete your learning goals.

Would YOU like Career and Internship Opportunities?

SUNY Orange offers career counseling and job placement assistance. Whether you are seeking a degree, need workplace credentials/ updated job skills or just a bit of direction, SUNY Orange has the tools necessary to facilitate your success.

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