Business, Math, Science & Technology Division

The Division of Business, Math, Science and Technology strives, through its varied programs and course offerings, to provide a state-of-the-art education that engages students in critical thinking, scientific inquiry, empirical observation and reasoning, and theory and application of knowledge within its academic disciplines.  The programs and courses provided by this Division give students the opportunity to become competitive in the current workplace or to continue their academic pursuits at upper division institutions.

The Division includes the Departments of Accounting and Office Technologies, Computer Science and Technology, Biology, Business Management, Math and Computer Science, and Science and Engineering. These departments sponsor 25 academic programs; 6 AS degrees, 10 AAS degrees and 9 certificate programs. In addition to offering multiple educational programs, three of the departments in this division provide all of the math and science courses required by SUNY General Education for the college.

Business, Math, Science & Technology Division Departments:

Computer Science and Technology