College Goals, Vision, Mission and Values


To fulfill its mission, the College has established the following goals:

  1. To provide high quality academic courses and programs that prepare a diverse student population to achieve its educational, employment and enrichment goals.

  2. To engage learners in an environment that develops their knowledge and skills in critical thinking, information and technology literacy, effective communication and enhances their awareness of civic responsibility and cultural diversity.

  3. To establish public and private partnerships and provide programs and services that support and serve our county’s educational, economic, civic and cultural needs.

  4. To promote student growth and development by providing comprehensive and innovative academic and support services.

  5. To offer opportunities to learn with a dedicated and diverse faculty and staff who value excellence in teaching, service to students, creative collaboration and continuous improvement.

  6. To build and maintain safe, accessible and sustainable facilities that support the learning environment.

  7. To identify, secure and allocate resources that advance the strategic priorities of the College.


We will be the best college in the SUNY System, the college of choice for all Orange County citizens. We welcome all as individuals, ensure academic and intellectual challenge, and mentor all in a caring, supportive environment. Students will remember the College as one of their most richly rewarding experiences, the compass that guides their continued development. We consistently renew our promise to be a most rigorous and caring academic institution, to provide visionary leadership, and to create a symphony of opportunity for personal and professional growth. We aspire to be the most efficient in shepherding public resources and to be a strategic force in enhancing the quality of life in Orange County and beyond.


We are a community of learners dedicated to reaching out to all citizens of Orange County to enrich their lives through the highest-quality education possible. Intellectual rigor, personal commitment and enhanced citizenship distinguish a SUNY Orange education which will enhance students' economic opportunities, deepen their appreciation of culture and of their place in history while broadening their sense of responsibility in a democratic society.


As community college educators our professional lives are informed by shared values of mutual respect, integrity in the rigorous and honest pursuit of academic inquiry, and a commitment to the highest standards of excellence in all we do. We further value a spirited dedication to service, a celebration of culturally rich campus environs, and the gathering to our community of the most varied mixture of maturity, ethnicity, patterns of thought, language and spirituality. Our sense of ethical and democratic responsibility bonds us to one another. All those who come here will experience at SUNY Orange a sense of belonging to a special community of learners and will speak with pride of our openness and inspiration in the creation of the strongest sense of local and global community.

Strategic Master Plan 2009 - 2014

Strategic Master Plan 2005 - 2010

Academic Master Plan 2010 - 2015


The Facilities Masterplan update is scheduled to be done in 2014. The update will be done by JMZ Architects as a revision to the last version that this firm facilitated in 2006. This process takes about one year to complete.


Institutional Advancement Master Plan

Student Services Master Plan